In 2016, 90up worked with Wray & Nephew to bring together key influencers for their summer events in London and Birmingham. Six of the best jerk chicken chefs in London for Wray's Jerk Fest, DJs and MCs such as Goldie, King Tubby's, King Yoof and Don Letts for Wray's Rum Tings and a special partnership with Boiler Room for Notting Hill Carnival.
Wray & Nephew
Sauvelle Vodka is a premium French vodka which launched in 2015. To introduce Sauvelle to the world, 90up created Studio Sauvelle, a platform that commissions artists of a wide variety of disciplines to create work that is inspired or influenced by the brand’s “wild beauty” proposition. The commissions and the platform formed the basis for a wide variety of content and social media activity.
Sauvelle Vodka
90up worked with the GMB to understand demographics, preferred media brands and consumer affinities of their members. Using our bespoke social media mapping tools we were able to understand their membership and effectively target subsets of their audience with highly relevant information including the production of a short film and social content.